Episode 8: How Does COVID-19 Spread?

Although it’s been several months since COVID-19 first emerged, scientists around the world still have a lot of questions about the virus.

For example, there’s a debate at present concerning the value of wearing facial coverings to reduce the spread of COVID. This debate depends on high quality science relating to how the virus spreads, how the virus survives outside of the body and, in particular, the behaviour of the virus and its survival within droplets and aerosols.

I was joined for this episode by Professor Jonathan Reid who’s work in recent weeks has been focused on understanding the virus from this perspective.

Jonathan is a physical chemist by background, based within the Bristol School of Chemistry.

In this Episode, he tells me about his team’s approach to understanding how COVID spreads outside the body and the unique experimental tools they are using to study how the virus is effective when it’s airborne.

Thank you to Jonathan for taking the time to share such fascinating insights with us.

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